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The members of the St. Paul’s Federal Liberal Association are committed Liberal Party members who dedicate themselves to our riding, and to the Liberal Party of Canada.

We support our national Party, the caucus of Liberal MPs and Senators in Ottawa, our Party Leader and Critics.  The Liberal Party is committed to developing practical solutions to the many economic, environmental, social and public health challenges faced by Canadians, and to contributing to the solution to international problems. The involvement of grass roots members and supporters in every riding is crucial to this effort.

We in St. Paul’s are fortunate to have Carolyn Bennett as our Member of Parliament. Carolyn has been a tireless advocate inside and outside Parliament for the people of the riding for more than fifteen years. She is passionately committed to citizen engagement between elections. Your riding association plays an important role in supporting Carolyn and providing the constituents of St Paul’s with their voice in Ottawa.

St. Paul’s Federal Liberal Association
Phone: 416-481-8686
Fax: 416-481-3636
Mail: P.O. Box 69069, 12 St Clair Avenue East, Toronto ON, M4T 3A1

Carolyn Bennett, MP
Phone: 416-952-3990
Mail: 1650 Yonge St, Unit 103, Toronto ON, M4T 2A2